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2006 Alibi Breakfast and Preakness Works


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Hemingway's Key
Hemingway's Key at Pimlico

Hemingway's Key at Pimlico

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Hemingway's Key is one of a number of Nick Zito trained horses who arrived on the grounds yesterday afternoon. Here he is getting a bath after his gallop this morning. Tim Poole, assistant trainer to Nick Zito, said, "His first three races were good races, unfortunately he didn't continue on from there, but he always had an 'alibi' on his last three races, got bumped, bothered in the gate. But he's a horse that we know has some talent and hopefully he'll bring it out here on Saturday. My dad won a few races here, the Black-Eyed Susan and a few others."
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