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2008 Alibi Breakfast


Richard Dutrow Jr., trainer of Big Brown

Richard Dutrow Jr., trainer of Big Brown at the Alibi Breakfast

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Updated May 15, 2008

The Alibi Breakfast is a Pimlico tradition that dates back to the 1930's. On the porch of the historic Clubhouse, owners, trainers, and press would discuss the horses over coffee each morning during training hours. Some of the greatest tales of racing ever to reach print were told those mornings. The tradition of the Preakness Alibi Breakfast started in the 1940's, a chance for the connections of Preakness entrants to solicit interesting and often colorful race predictions. Hosted by ESPN personality Chris Lincoln, the event not only allows each trainer to be interviewed in a relaxed atmosphere, but also for the Maryland Jockey Club to present awards to members of the media and others who have made significant contributions to the local racing industry.

Unfortunately, since several Preakness entrants are not on the grounds yet, several trainers were not available for comment. Here is a sampling of comments made.

Richard Dutrow Jr., trainer of Big Brown, expressed confidence, telling those in attendance to "just go the windows" and bet his horse. He said, "We've got two more races we have to get through. I hope he doesn't have to get on his belly. I want something left for the Belmont. In the Belmont, you'll have some fresher, better horses. It'll be his third race in five weeks. The Belmont is going to be the one we really have to deal with. The Preakness looks like it's in our favor."

Reade Baker, trainer of Kentucky Bear said, "How come (Big Brown) can't bounce now? He certainly was the best of those horses," Baker said of the Derby, "but that doesn't make him better than anybody else. (In the Blue Grass) he grabbed himself, got jostled badly in the first turn -- the jock drove right into a mess -- and he bled. Those three things can stop a horse. Those three things can stop a horse. I think we could have been tougher in the Blue Grass. I think the jockey (Jamie Theriot) waited too long."

Don Stanley, co-owner of Behindatthebar was asked how the horse got his name. He said "We're always behind paying off our bar tab."

Paddy Gallagher, trainer of Yankee Bravo said, "He just didn't kick in the last little part (of the Santa Anita Derby). He flattened out. I was a little disappointed. But he still ran a decent race. (In the Preakness), it's Big Brown's party, but we're happy to be here."

Eddie Plesa Jr, trainer of Hey Byrn said, "We all have the same horse to beat."

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