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2006 Kentucky Derby Contenders


Twin Spires
Updated May 04, 2006

Kentucky Derby Entries are here

Here is a continuing look at the top contenders for this year's Kentucky Derby on May 6, 2006. There will still be some changes between now and when the entries are drawn on Wednesday, May 3rd, but likely not too many. The serious preps are all over now except the Lexington on April 22 at Keeneland. Keep checking back to see what's going on.

Be sure to click the link on each horse's name to view full info, stats, and a photo where available. Jockey assignments are mostly settled now, although there are a few still undecided. A star by the dosage indicates a dual qualifier

Triple Crown quick links:

A.P. Warrior Harty 3.33 Nakatani
Barbaro Matz 1.81 Prado
Bluegrass Cat Pletcher 3.80 ?
Bob and John Baffert 3.00 Gomez
Brother Derek Hendricks 2.33 *Solis
Cause to Believe Hollendorfer 3.00 Baze
Deputy Glitters Albertrani 3.00 Lezcano
Flashy Bull McLaughlin 3.00 ?
JazilMcLaughlin 3.00 Jara
Keyed Entry Pletcher 2.60 Valenzuela
Lawyer Ron Holthus 4.14 McKee
Point Determined Baffert 3.00 Bejarano
Private Vow Asmussen 1.11 *Bridgmohan
Seaside Retreat Casse2.33 Husbands
Sharp Humor Romans 1.64 Guidry
Showing Up Tagg 3.31 Velasquez
Sinister Minister Baffert 4.00 Espinoza
SteppenwolferPietz 1.46 Albarado
Storm Treasure Asmussen 2.20 ?
Sunriver Pletcher 1.55 ?
Sweetnorthernsaint Trombetta 1.33 Desormeaux
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