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2011 Alibi Breakfast at Pimlico


George Bolton is part owner of Astrology

George Bolton is part owner of Astrology who will run in the 2011 Preakness

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Updated May 19, 2011

The Alibi Breakfast is a Pimlico tradition that dates back to the 1930's. On the porch of the historic Clubhouse, owners, trainers, and press would discuss the horses over coffee each morning during training hours. Some of the greatest tales of racing ever to reach print were told those mornings. The tradition of the Preakness Alibi Breakfast started in the 1940's, a chance for the connections of Preakness entrants to solicit interesting and often colorful race predictions. Hosted by Baltimore radio personalities Scott Garceau and Keith Mills, the event not only allows each trainer to be interviewed in a relaxed atmosphere, but also for the Maryland Jockey Club to present awards to members of the media and others who have made significant contributions to the local racing industry.

Barry Irwin, president of Team Valor, owner of Animal Kingdom said, "The last two weeks feel like a month! We've won some good races in the past but this was different. Lots of people have been writing or calling me -- my 5th grade class, people who hate my guts, people that like me, my old wives, my ex-girlfriends... the best part of the whole deal is my 20-year-old daughter suddenly has developed an interest in horse racing. (Animal Kingdom) had a really good gallop yesterday. He's a funny horse, if he doesn't have anybody in front of him he starts being a jerk, ducking and weaving and fighting the jockey. So Graham (Motion, trainer) started him in a workout with 9 horses in front of him. And he started to pick them up easily."

Baltimore native George Bolton is the co-owner of Astrology, in partnership with the late Jess Jackson (Stonestreet Stables). He said, "Colt is in great shape and I think he'll outrun his odds. We started planning for this race 2 months ago. Scotty (Blasi, assistant to trainer Steve Asmussen) thinks he's going to run great on Saturday. (Jess Jackson) would have bene proud to be here as the breeder and owner of this colt; he didn't breed Curlin or Rachel Alexandra. He knows we'll do our best on Saturday."

Dale Romans, trainer of Shackleford said, "He as a lot more versatility (than his last Preakness horse, First Dude) so he's more prepared to run big races. We've been planning for this race for ages. The full field of great for racing. We had 20 in the Derby, 14 in the Preakness, and probably 14 in the Belmont. Plenty of good horses, it's wide open, we all respect the Derby winner but we're all gunning for him."

Tim Poole, assistant to Nick Zito, trainer of Dialed In said, "If you analyze the (Derby), he came home the final half mile the second fastest in history, to Secretariat. All we need is pace. (The $5.5 million bonus) never hurts. It would be great. The trainer is happy, the feed man is happy, we're all happy if we win that."

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