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One Turn Routes


The one turn mile chute at Churchill Downs

The one turn mile chute at Churchill Downs

© Cindy Pierson Dulay

Most thoroughbred race tracks in North America are standard one mile ovals, so horse races longer than 7 furlongs usually start in the home stretch and are run around two turns. There are a few larger race tracks or tracks with a special chute which can run one mile or even longer races around a single turn. While horses in these races are still running the same distance, going around a single turn makes it more like an extra long sprint which helps some horses to handle the distance easier. This is a factor that many people take into consideration when handicapping, as some horses can handle a one turn route but don't seem to do as well if it is around two turns. Also, if a sprinter is trying to stretch out to a mile, he or she is likely to have a better shot doing it in a one turn race.

Here is a list of the tracks in North America that run one turn routes. Thankfully they are consistent and only run these distances around one turn. If you click the track name, you can view a track diagram which shows the size of the track and the location of the chutes.



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