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Who should be Horse of the Year for 2010?
Who do you think should be named Horse of the Year for 2010?

Who is best, Rachel Alexandra or Zenyatta?
Who do you think is best, Rachel Alexandra or Zenyatta?

Equidaily Racing Journal
This site collects every racing news story and press release out there for you to read all in one place. Not pretty but very useful

Blood Horse
Updated daily with the latest racing, breeding, and auction news

Daily Racing Form
The latest racing and handicapping news

Thoroughbred Times
The latest racing and breeding news updated daily

Daily Handicapper's Edge
A daily newsletter with the latest racing news from BRIS with the past 2 days archived.

ESPN Horse Racing News
Lots of news and opion pieces, but only covers the top stories

Fast Horses Magazine
A fan oriented newsletter with lots of photos

USA Today Horse Racing Section
The latest top stories updated daily

Favorite Online News Sites
These are the sites with daily news and good sources of info quick.

Newspapers and Columnists
Many of these are also updated daily and have some good stories.

Foreign Racing
Racing news from other than in North America

Horse racing related magazine websites, some are updated frequently but many are only updated monthly.

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