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2010 Beldame and Vosburgh Stakes


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Third place finisher Wildcat Brief
Third place finisher Wildcat Brief before the 2010 Vosburgh Stakes

Third place finisher Wildcat Brief in the post parade before the 2010 Vosburgh Stakes at Belmont Park

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Trainer Ben Perkins Jr. said, "He ran well. We were obviously happy with the way he finished. I think being on the outside like that, he kind of got away from the horses a little bit and he just didn't get himself engaged. Usually if he's 5,6,7 lengths off, he's fine. That's what (jockey Garrett Gomez) said, it's just hard to get him interested. Then he said he finally did grab the bit and when he leveled off he had a good finish."

Jockey Garrett Gomez added, "Ben told me don't rush him too much because then he won't come home. So I was back there twiddling my thumbs, hoping that he (Wildcat Brief) would help me a little bit. Especially when they go that slow up front, you'd like to see a horse encourage you and want to take you up to them, but he wouldn't want to do that. Then when I did squeeze him he came home. He's just the type of horse you just have to get after and then he delivers."

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