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2007 Gazelle Stakes and Noble Damsel Handicap


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Second place finisher Rags to Riches
Second place finisher Rags to Riches

Second place finisher Rags to Riches in the post parade for the 2007 Gazelle Stakes

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On Sunday morning, it was announced that Rags to Riches suffered a hairline fracture to her right front pastern during the race. Trainer Todd Pletcher said, "The injury is not career ending, and she is expected to make a full recovery. It appears as though she sustained the injury during the stretch run. When she switched to the right lead, she came off the bridle and lugged in a bit. Though she cooled out fine following the race she appeared to be slightly off this morning. Subsequent X-rays discovered the hairline fracture. She is resting comfortably and will ship to Ashford Stud tomorrow where she will receive six weeks of stall rest to give the fracture time to heal. At the conclusion of her convalescence she will be re-x-rayed to determine when she will resume training. She will not race again until 2008."

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