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2007 Man O'War Stakes


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Second place finisher Sunriver
Second place finisher Sunriver

Second place finisher Sunriver returns after the 2007 Man O'War Stakes

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Trainer Todd Pletcher said, "He ran really well. The stalking position was not really where we expected to be. He showed he could adapt to that scenario. We'll see how he comes out of it. We know he likes firm ground. With the Breeders' Cup a lot of it could depend on the weather."

Jockey Garrett Gomez said, "Johnny (Murtagh, aboard Yellowstone) tried to quicken the pace at the 5/8 pole. When I asked my horse to make his move and put his body into it, he did. He is a really nice horse. He got beat by him (previously) a half-length and a neck. He pretty much had to sprint 5/8 of a mile."

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