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2009 Woodward Stakes


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Rachel Alexandra breaks from the gate
Rachel Alexandra breaks from the gate

Rachel Alexandra breaks from the gate for the 2009 Woodward Stakes next to eventual second place finisher Bulls Bay.

© Vanessa Ng
Owner Jess Jackson, when asked about her next start, said, "It depends on how she comes out of the race. I hope she's sound, then it would be a question of whether there's something adequate for her. Somebody else will decide (Horse of the Year), but I hope so. I think she's something for the ages and she's certainly proven her mettle. Curlin won this same race last year so it has special meaning for me and our team and I hope for Steve as well. What we need now are more stars, and I think she is one. I hope we can see her come out healthy, give her a nice race and give you a campaign in 2010"
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