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2009 Travers and King's Bishop Stakes


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Capt. Candyman Can heads to the winner's circle
Capt. Candyman Can heads to  the winner's circle

Owner Dr. Joe Rauch leads Capt. Candyman Can to the winner's circle after the 2009 King's Bishop Stakes at Saratoga.

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Winning jockey Javier Castellano said, "(Alan Garcia aboard Vineyard Haven) came out and he bumped twice into me and my horse. He hit my horse right in the shoulder and caused him to lose his momentum and he still only got beat by a head. That's what cost me the race today. Without the bump, (Capt. Candyman Can) would definitely have pulled away to win. It was very obvious. You can see my horse was going to go by the other horse. He felt really strong today."

Trainer Ian Wilkes added, "I thought he was going to go right by Vineyard Haven. Watching it live, I said to Tracy, 'I think there was some contact, I think the other horse came out,' but it was hard to tell until you saw the head-on. I think the stewards made the correct decision. I'll take it any way I can get it. I'm going to enjoy today. Life is good right now."

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