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2008 Travers and King's Bishop Stakes


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Colonel John returns after the race
Colonel John returns after the race

Colonel John returns after the 2008 Travers Stakes at Saratoga

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Winning trainer Eoin Harty said, "We did have a less than ideal trip in the Kentucky Derby, and not to take anything away from Big Brown that day because it was a stellar performance. I'm not sure Colonel John could have beaten him anyway. But I would certainly love to get Big Brown somewhere down the road, hopefully, at the Breeders' Cup. I certainly never lost any confidence in him. When you've been around horses for a long time, the really good ones do things very differently than the usual ones. This one, from Day 1, had shown that. He never did anything ever to disappoint me. It was an unfortunate thing in Kentucky. In hindsight, the race he had in the Swaps was a very good race. He's a beautiful horse to be around. He has a beautiful personality, and he's never done anything to make me feel bad. I'm just fortunate. This horse, I could put another prep into him, but I think I could probably bring him to the Breeders' Cup on works. That's something I would have to discuss."
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