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2009 Woodbine Oaks Day Results and Photos


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Milawukee Appeal in the winner's circle
Milwaukee Appeal in the winner's circle

Milwaukee Appeal in the winner's circle after the 2009 Woodbine Oaks

© Terence Dulay
Winning jockey Stewart Elliott, riding the filly for the first time, said, "Actually, no I didn't (watch videos of her races, because of) travelling and everything. I got here and I looked at her paper and you could tell she was honest, she was always right there. Mr. Fairlie pretty much told me the same thing, she's easy to ride, she'll stay close, and she'll do whatever you want. It was very nice. I thought we were going to be in front the way she came out of the there. She settled, rated, and finished great when I needed her too. I always love it here. It's such a beautiful facility. It's always nice to come back especially when you win. You win the Derby and people know who you are."

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