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2012 Jim Dandy and Diana Stakes


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Alpha in the winner's circle
Alpha in the winner's circle for the 2012 Jim Dandy Stakes

Alpha in the winner's circle for the 2012 Jim Dandy Stakes at Saratoga with trainer Kiaran McLaughlin patting his nose.

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Winning trainer Kiaran McLaughlin said, "He's really done very well since the Belmont incident with the temperature, so we knew he was ready. He's been training great. Into the first turn, I was happy. If he was there, I knew he was handling (the wet track) well. I felt like he should handle it. He's got a very small, narrow foot, so he should handle it with his pedigree and his foot size. We were very happy."

Jimmy Bell, representing winning owner Godolphin Racing added, "He was fit and Kiaran's always had good luck, he can run them off the bench. We had a little hiccup before the Belmont, spiked a temperature, and we agreed to stop. We talked to Simon Crisford and he said, 'You know what, don't be pushing this. Give him the time off. Go to Saratoga and let's see if we can do something in the Jim Dandy that will give us a reason to look forward to the Travers.' We followed instructions well, and so did the horse."

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