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Safe Havens and Vet Services Needed for Hurricane Katrina's Equine Refugees

Place Your Facility on the USEF Hurricane Equine Relief List


Updated September 01, 2005

As Americans view the newscasts of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina it is clear that both humans and animals require immediate emergency relief from not only official agencies but from the generosity of individuals.

If you have a facility or pasture which you can offer to house refugee horses and ponies, victims of Hurricane Katrina, please email your name, address, phone number and email address to kcadams@usef.org, or at 859-225-6993, (please email if at all possible as we expect a heavy load of calls.) If you can volunteer veterinary services please submit your contact information. The USEF is posting a listing by state of these safe havens for horses and ponies on our website. The list will be accessed by going to www.usef.org, from the homepage you can click on Hurricane Katrina Equine Relief on the right side. The list is operational now, August 31st, and will serve as a master list to help horse owners in Katrina's path find help. Other equine organizations wishing to assist the effort and link to the list should also email kcadams@usef.org.

We urge the participation of anyone who has the space, veterinary expertise and tenderness of heart to help these equine refugees.

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