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Free Harness Racing Programs with Past Performances


Harness Racing
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Updated May 29, 2014

Here is a quick guide to all the places you can find free harness racing programs with past performances online to download, plus where you can buy them for tracks that don't give them away free. For free thoroughbred racing past performances, check here.

Paid Harness Programs with Past Performances

  • BRISnet - paid service with harness racing past performances for just about every track for $1.50 per card.
  • Horse Racing Programs - $1 each for programs with past performances from Chicago area tracks, thoroughbred and harness.
  • TrackMaster - offers past performances that look just like the traditional track program for $1.50 each or enhanced pps with even more data and ratings for all tracks for $2.50 each.

Harness Racing Entries and Results

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