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Review: The 10 Best Kentucky Derbies

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The 10 Best Kentucky Derbies

The 10 Best Kentucky Derbies by Staff and Corresponents of the Blood-Horse

Eclipse Press

The Bottom Line

The Kentucky Derby is billed as "The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports". In this book from Eclipse Press, the accounts of the 10 best runnings ever clearly demonstrate how the race earned its reputation. Written by ten different authors, some of the best in the business, the reader will learn about the equine and human heroes that contributed to the Derby mystique. Every fan of racing history should have this work on their bookshelf.
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  • Hard to argue with the editor's choices for the top 10 Derbies ever run
  • Well-written biographies by ten of the best turf writers in the business
  • The stories are exciting to read and will evoke emotions in the reader
  • The book makes it clear why the Kentucky Derby is "The most exciting 2 minutes in sports"


  • We found no fault with this book. Every racing fan should add this to their collection


  • The Legend of Big Red - Secretariat 1973
  • Viva Canonero! - Canonero II 1971
  • Stand Up Guy - Iron Liege 1957
  • The Rivalry - Affirmed 1978
  • Money in the Bank - Citation 1948
  • The Fighting Finish - Brokers Tip 1933
  • A Dream Derby - Black Gold 1924
  • The First Lady - Regret 1915
  • What a Trip! - Alysheba 1978
  • Mr. Longtail - Whirlaway 1941

Guide Review - Review: The 10 Best Kentucky Derbies

Ask anybody on the street the name of a horse race, and they are likely to answer with the Kentucky Derby. The 1 1/4 mile battle under the famous Twin Spires of Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May is one of the world's most famous races, with its long 131-year history and long list of champions that have worn the Garland of Roses in the winner's circle. But of the first 130 runnings, which were the best, which ones are talked about most, which ones evoke the most emotion? In Eclipse Press' latest release, panelists Bob Adair, Mike Battaglia, Steve Haskin, Joe Hirsch, and Jim McKay debated this very question and came up with the above list. Ten of the best turf writers today were each assigned one of the races, and they performed this duty admirably. Each story discusses how the horse and connections got to Louisville and the prep races the winner used leading up to the big dance. The running of the Derby is described in great detail including any difficulties in the paddock, the usually rough trip experienced when up to 20 top horses cram themselves into that tight clubhouse turn, and of course the final strides to the winning post. Each running is accompanied by black and white photographs (color photos are included in a separate section) and the official race chart.
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