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Kentucky Derby Glasses Price Guide, 1999-2000 Edition

edited by Judy Marchman

This is a neat little 60 page book which gives some basic information about collecting Kentucky Derby glasses and shots, tips for finding them, as well as a great illustrated price guide. It includes a catalog of photographs to aid collectors in identifying the various official glasses and shot glasses, the more well known variations, and some of the more accepted unofficial items. This is the most important part of the book in my opinion. There are so many unofficial glasses that the uninformed collector could find himself paying $500 for a 1951 Derby glass which turns out to be the unofficial one valued at only $20 instead of the valuable official glass. This book enables you to take "caveat emptor" (let the buyer beware) to heart so you can make informed purchases.

If you plan on seriously collecting Derby glasses, I would definitely recommend you buy a copy. The $16.95 cover price ($13.56 from Borders.com) could save you from some costly identification errors. It also makes a nice checklist to keep track of what you already have while trying to complete a collection.

The information for this book comes from a variety of collectors (including me) and dealers so you get not only the view from people trying to sell but also from people who collect and really care about the hobby. The price guide values are a bit inflated since they were averaged from several sources including dealers in the higher priced Louisville market but they do give you a general idea and if you stick to then you will not get ripped off.

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