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Book Review: "The Kentucky Mint Julep"

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The Kentucky Mint Julep

The Kentucky Mint Julep by Colonel Joe Nickell

University Press of Kentucky

The Bottom Line

Presented in a small, handsome cloth-bound volume with a dust cover, the book is an attractive addition to anyone's library.
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  • High quality binding
  • Unique information
  • Lots of recipes


  • Quite small, only 83 pages


  • Although small, the book presents information you will find nowhere else about the mint julep.
  • Just about anything you can think of about the venerable mint julep has been included.
  • The author is a real Kentucky Colonel who is quite an interesting character in his own right.
  • His past occupations include stage magician, private investigator, blackjack dealer, and professor.
  • Currently he is one of the country's most accomplished investigators of the paranormal.
  • His interest in the mint julep was inspired by a pewter julep cup received as a gift.

Guide Review - Book Review: "The Kentucky Mint Julep"

The book starts off with the origin of the word julep. The history behind each of the ingredients then unfolds followed by the origin of the drink. The second segment of the book is "Julep Lore," a compilation of tales, anecdotes, quotes, and more in praise of the julep from such people as Charles Dickens. The third segment is a collection of over 20 mint julep recipes, including non-alcoholic and fancy versions plus a punchbowl recipe perfect for a Derby party. A place is even left for the reader to record his/her own favorite recipe. Juleps should always be served in a silver or pewter cup according to tradition. The final segment of the book covers the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, a tour seven of the country's oldest bourbon distilleries.
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