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How to use this page
A brief explaination of how to use the resouces on this page to locate or keep track of specific horses online.

Famous Horses
If you are looking for a famous race horse, he/she may already have a web page online. Check here for a list of all the ones I have been able to find so far. Just because I don't have them listed does not mean they aren't famous, just that they don't have a web page anywhere yet.

Albin's Pedigree Page
Look up Thoroughbred pedigrees from an extensive list (includes all stakes winners) and check stallion or broodmare progeny. Not a complete list since it only includes stakes horses and their ancestors, but a very good resource.

AQHA Online
This service for Quarterhorses is also dial-up only for now, but offers a multitude of useful reports. Complete race records, ownership records, and all kinds of pedigree and produce records.

Arabian Race Source
This service is also dial-up only for now, but also offers many reports that may enable you to find the horse you are looking for. At the very least it will let you find stallion and broodmare info.

The Blood Horse Stallion Register Online
Lists all active North American Thoroughbred and their location along with detailed stallion pages for many of them. Requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view stallion pages.

Bloodstock Research Information Services
They have a free Thoroughbred stallion register (you still have to register with them to use it) which will also give you the sire and dam line for any horse (probably a bug in their software that may go away in the future). They also have pay reports for stallion progeny, broodmare produce, etc. Lifetime past performances by horse are only on their dial-up service which you can sign up for at 1-800-354-9206.

Canadian In To Go's
Lets you search the current Canadian Standardbred race entries by horse or driver. Working again.

Canadian Past Performance Browser
Look up chart lines by horse for Canadian Standardbred races. Working again.

CTA Online
Canadian equivalent to SRIS for Standardbred information, but available via the internet using telnet. This one offers a free trial (password changes on Monday so sign up for it then).

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