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Cindy Pierson Dulay

Cindy Pierson Dulay

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Cindy Pierson Dulay has been covering horse racing as a credentialed photographer and journalist since 1998 and was the Eclipse Award winner for best horse racing photograph in 2004.


Cindy's photo of Stephan's Angel leaping in the air before the Miss Preakness Stakes in 2004 was honored with an Eclipse Award for the best thoroughbred racing photograph in North America for that year. By then, Cindy had become a well-established member of the racing media for her online coverage, the first internet journalist/photographer to be credentialed for major events. She started the web's first collection of world-wide horse racing links in 1994 and joined About.com in 1997. Her website continues to be recognized as one of the best starting points for horse racing fans online. She is a long time fan of horse racing and has owned horses in the past as part of Cyberspace Racing Team.

By Cindy Pierson Dulay:

Horse racing is my passion and I've been following it seriously since the 1980s. When the internet started getting popular and racing sites first started appearing online, I decided to fill a void and help people find the information they need by cataloging what was available at the time. Things just grew from there to become the diverse site I have today.


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