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Readers Respond: When will we get another Triple Crown winner?

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From the article: 2014 Kentucky Derby Results
It has been a very long time since the last Triple Crown winner, Affirmed in 1978. We have had several come close in the last decade but no horse has managed to get the job done. Willl California Chrome do it this year? What do you think?

not if things don't change

"Back in the day", the fields were smaller in the Preakness than they were for the Derby, and smaller still in the Belmont. Combine that with the fact that colts (and/or fillies) that aren't in the Derby can enter either the Preakness, Belmont (or both), which I've always felt defeated the idea of the Triple Crown (to see if one animal had the stamina to win all 3 races in a 5 week period), and it's going to be a rough row to hoe for any animal to pull off. Since the days of a 5 horse field are gone, there should be a rule barring animals that didn't run in the Derby from entering one or both of the final 2 legs of the Triple Crown - it's hard enough when the animals have to consistently take on 16 to 20 rivals, let alone have to face ones with "fresh legs" as well. With the advent of casinos, thoroughbred racing needs all the help it can get to regain the stature it once held in this country. A Triple Crown winner would be just what the doctor ordered to bring things back again.
—Guest youvenoidea

Comes With the Whole Package

The jockey will be the likes of Stevie Cauthen, superstar. Horse will be like Seattle Slew, undefeated coming into his Tri Cw. Together this partnership will stick out as worthy of the next Crown.
—Guest Dr. Carter

triple crown winner??

I rubbed race horses for over 25 years, starting in 1973...became a foreman for a big racing stable, became a foreman later for large breeding operation later... I don't believe that the horses are any weaker than they were 20 years ago...I do believe that due to big breeding fees that many owners aren't willing to take the physical chance in breakdowns...AND MOST IMPORTANT...that the many current trainers/grooms don't have the expertise that the same individuals did 20-30 years ago.... I , personally know about 3of the top trainers as they are my age or younger...so that's an issue... Plan to write a book someday...LOL

I don't think it will happen again

They just don't breed horses durable enough or with enough stamina to win all 3 races anymore. Unless they start breeding horses meant to go long again, we will never see another Triple Crown winner. :-(
—Guest Not holding my breath


As soon as that one beautiful champion arises.It has happened 11 times before and soon we will see the wind in his mane and the fire from his nostrils.
—Guest Bluegrassspotter

Not this year

Maybe next year, but I am not holding my breath! Sometimes it seems like it will never happen.
—Guest Too Bad

Not this year

It'll be three different winners. Mucho Macho Man wins the Preakness and then some new shooter steals the Belmont.
—Guest Giovanni

We can always hope

Animal Kingdom looked really good in the Derby and shouldn't be too tired since he had such a long layoff before it. Hopefully he will be up to the task.
—Guest Hopeful

What do you think?

When will we get another Triple Crown winner?

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