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Readers Respond: Rachel Alexandra vs. Zenyatta

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Rachel Alexandra won out for Horse of the Year in 2009 but is she really better than 2009 Breeders' Cup Classic winner Zenyatta? Unfortunately we will never get to see them race to help answer that question since both are now retired. Please share your opinion and reasons for who you think is better.

Zenyatta is the best

i think that Zenyatta is absalutely the best!! she has never given up and never will. if they ever meet, i am positive that ZENYATTA WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest honky

Zenyatta is GREAT!

*cough cough* Rachel has been beaten, and Zenyatta has currently one 19, hopefully 20. They are both great horses but Zenyatta has never been beaten.
—Guest ZenyattaTheAwesome

Who is Better?

RACHEL ALEXANDRA!! if they DO race each other, RACHEL WILL KICK zenyattas STUPID BUTT HOLE!!! My name happens TO be Alexandra. Rachel A. is: MORE BEAUTIFUL then zenyyatta.....: FASTER AND JUST DAMN RIGHT BETTER!!! Rachel Alexandra will smoke zenyatta, hey, last year when i was a 6 grader, i was the fastest in my school, and i have lost tons of races, but because i have worked at it, im better then all the ppl i have raced against now. thats how Rachel will be if and when she meets that stupid brat of a zenyatta.... AND Rachel's stupid owners SOLD her and her new STUPID owners BABIED HER!! so thats the only reason whey she lost her few races!! BECAUSE THEY SOLD HER!! if i owned that mare, she would have NEVER lost a single race!!! i personally trained my own horse that i have now and she is the fastest of our group of horses! and shes also a thoroughbred!! RACHEL IS 1 BILLION% BETTER THEN zenyatta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SUCK IT zen fans!! RACHEL IS TAKING THE LEAD!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Alexandra

I can't beleive their comparing RA to Z

—Guest horses4ever8

Rachel is a True Champion - Proven

I love that Rachel fans recognize that the horse that we pull for is able to prove herself thru a true Horse of the Year campaign. Running against Grade 1 competition race after race, not ducking and dodging so that the mare can show up and beat other horses that have been running in legit campaigns all year long. Its crazy that the connections of Zenyatta can be so cowardice, I would think though that they do understand her weaknesses, she can't ship, she can't face true competition more than once in a year and she is not that good on dirt as seen by her pedestrian time in the 2010 apple blossom. A true champion can over come shipping and things of that nature, a wannabe is only able to run out of her stall and never steps up to challenges like the Hollywood gold cup, but will continue to go in the freaking vanity and CL Hirsch, horrible, but totally expected of Zenyatta's connections.
—Guest afleetalexforever

Who is best?

Why does there have to be a 'best'? Both horses are superior athletes. Let's just be glad we have had two exceptional fillies to see in our lifetimes.
—Guest Thoroughbredgirl


Rachel consistently raced against tougher competition and traveled to different tracks. Zen stayed home. However, they are both fabulously talented fillies and I personnally hate match races. Remember Ruffian and Foolish Pleasure? Racing lost a real superstar that day, and nothing was proved!

Zenyatta hands down

Someone once asked John Gosden where he wanted Bates Motel to be in a race, and he said "last by 12 and 4 wide". Bates Motel sat just like that until turning for home and won going away - on dirt! Vigors used to close like a train (or "White Tornado" which is what people called him). There were a lot of animals that closed from far back, and on dirt, before they came up with all this synthetic garbage. Class wins every time.........Zenyatta all the way.
—Guest youvenoidea

Was a big Rachel fan, but...

I saw Rachel wire the older stakes winning boys at Saratoga in September and thought she was the best I had ever seen......until I actually went to the Apple Blossom where they were supposed to meet. The race was a public workout, Zenyatta was very impressive in the Breeder's Cup Classic in Nov. and no contest at all in Arkansas in April. Still, I would love to watch them get it on! Maybe in Saratoga later this summer.
—Guest Michael

zenyatta no.1

zenyatta is the best of the two. let the records speak.she is a classy lady.what a superb mare.
—Guest linda

Zenyatta all the way

I am still in shock that people actually think that RA can beat Zenyatta. Zenyatta is the super horse of the decade. She cannot be stopped. Her size and power can overwhelm most of the males in her class and RA cannot hold a candle to her presence. I think RA is a great horse, but between the two, Zenyatta is the more superior horse. I think Zenyatta's spirit is just like Ruffian. I hope the same fate does not come to her like it did Ruffian.
—Guest MisT

best? rachel or zenyatta?

rachel, but close. my speed figures say so. my own figures not beyers or any one elses
—Guest roadrunner14 @verizon.net

Rachel vs. Zenyatta

They're both deserved champions and both have earned it on the track. I would give Zenyatta a huge edge on synthetics, and Rachel a slight edge on dirt. However, I personally hope that that never meet be- cause one of them would lose, and one race would favor one or the other, and in my opinion would "prove" absolutely nothing. Also, a "one on One" match race usually favors speed, and would take Zenyatta out out of her "comfort zone" so i'm confident that such a race will never happen. -Gerard W.-
—Guest Gerard

east coast/west coast

The zen vs rachel matchup was good sport until the day rachel got beat. santa anita crowd was cheering. its personal now.west coast sucks. when we get zenyatta we wipe the track with her. even on that phony plastic she runs on..
—Guest finishhard1

Both are best

RA is best on dirt, wet or dry. Zenyatta is best on rubber. They should both be breading now, instead of risking injury.
—Guest CB4

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