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Readers Respond: Who do you think should be voted as Horse of the Year for 2010?

Responses: 9


Did Zenyatta do enough to be named Horse of the Year for 2010 or should the honor go to Blame, Goldikova, or someone else? Let us know who you think deserves to win and why.


Before the Breeder's Cup I said that if Lookin at Lucky or Blame won they should be Horse of the Year. However, after having seen the race I remained convinced that Zenyatta was clearly the better horse. With an undefeated record going in with only one narrow loss I think she was most deserved. I believe that anyone who picked Blame would be scared to death if they had to bet on him in a rematch. Zenyatta was gaining on him so fast that there is little doubt in my mind that she would have gone right by him within another few yards.

ZENYATTA -no question!

ZENYATTA all the way! What a performer! What a thrill to watch! What she had done What she has done for horse racing! May her off springs do her justice!!! She is a WINNER this year last year & ever on our lips!
—Guest Nina Marsh


How can they not vote for Zenyatta? She won against the boys, the girls, at different tracks...I can't believe she lost last year! She is a stellar athlete and has given racing the boost it needs!


Very Clearly the best horse in the '10 BC. Horse of the Century, IMHO. She showed up EVERY time in ALL her races, and I can think of no other horse I've ever know who has done as much for TB racing and brought so much excitement and generated so much interest. I don't expect to ever see another like her in my lifetime. HOY isn't just about one race. Or is it? I hope the East Coast elitist bias doesn't prevail once again.


there is no other hoy except zenyatta...........she is the glorious gift to horseracing of the century
—Guest dorothy


When they met head to head Blame won. I think Zenyatta should have been Horse of the Year last year but this year it is Blame
—Guest voice of reason


zenyata... without a doubt!!!!what a horse... what a record!!! how simple she makes winning.....
—Guest jean sullivan

Goldikova all the way!

Despite not being undefeated, Goldie has done so much more than Zenyatta. This year and in her career. Turf female and HOY awards belong to her.
—Blame Sucks

Zenyatta of course!

She was cheated last year and should get the title this year. No way Blame is better than her. Mike Smith gave that race to him!
—Guest Zen Forever

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