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Readers Respond: What do you think about Lasix being banned from the Breeders' Cup by 2013

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Breeders' Cup announced new rules to eliminate Lasix for their 2-year-old races in 2012 and from all the races in 2013, although they have now backed off of this part for now. Is it a good idea to eliminate Lasix for 2-year-olds at the Breeders' Cup or will it keep too many horses from competing in the Breeders' Cup races? What do you think about this? Share your thoughts...


i like to see lasix banned on race day not only on breeders cup 2013 but all races for everyone to have a fair chance i took my horses of with natural herbs for bleeding

I agree with mike repole

its not the right thing for these great animals or the bettors. If were asking a horse to run for our sport and entertainment we should see there safe and comfortable while competeing! lasix doesn't enhanse performance just helps them breath without bleeding while performing
—Guest Gary Miller

Lasix IS A Medicine

How did we get so far away from the intent of lasix, to help horses that are bleeders? Why not allow horses that truly need the medicine lasix to run with it and give weight allowances to those in the race not using it?
—Guest commonsense

Mike’s almost right...

What I agree with...the BC is going about this ban all wrong. If Lasix is going to be banned, it needs to be banned across the country. It is not fair to the handicapper to have to predict how 2-yr olds, who have raced on Lasix, will perform without Lasix. I, for one, will not be betting on the 2-yr old BC races for this reason. Also, I fear that we may see serious breakdowns at the BC due to bleeding. The time to find out if a horse is a bleeder is before he is racing in one of the most competitive, rigorous races of his career to date. What I disagree with...Although Lasix is not significantly performance enhancing, it can affect performance and allowing Lasix to be used perpetuates more generations of horses prone to bleeding. Why would we want to perpetuate inferior lines? First-time Lasix is a common handicapping angle, so we cannot deny it can affect performance. Some may say that the performance enhancing angle is due to horses running better because they’re no longer bleeding,
—Guest TogaGirl

Repole and Lasix

Lasix is ruining racing - ban Repole as well if he can't "Get It"

mike repole

NO race day medication! Someone should medicate Repole.
—Guest carryback

Ban on LASIK

This issue is like everything else in this world when millionaires and billionaires and crooked pollitions fight over!!!! It's all about money and never about the sport anymore. With horseracing it has to be the same for everyone everywhere not just at certain tracks. Once again the players who sapport 90 percent of horseracing looses.
—Guest Turbo38

Hmmm...I wonder why?

Maybe Repole's concern is that his horses can not compete without Lasix. Sometimes you have to take some "harsh" steps for the greater good. It's time.

Repole & The Industry have had enough

This is not a surprise. Mike has perfect timing and (could afford) made sacrifices to show his intent on the BC world stage. BC is just two days of administrated racing a year by people. On different properties. Not their officials. Everyone else is in racing 365. Most trainers are pro Lasix. Mike's doing the "Tell me what I want" routine. He will make some happy next year as he down-sizes his racing operations and puts his efforts to possibly acquire a sports franchise and his focus on his emerging businesses. He's a decent guy but doesn't need to have the so few joys and sense of acomplishment spoiled by the many contingencies and publics. He brings his grandparent and whole family to the races. He's a man who can move on and never look back. He's been racings poster boy. If mandatory no lasix emerges as another disaster born of the BC 2-day notorius for being riddled with fiascos, Mike is not the kind of guy who will say, "I told you so." This is why he spoke out in advance.
—Guest Dr Carter

4 well being of the Beast

Why not do it ? The rest of the Racing world might look to US as finally 'getting-it'

Not On My Dime

The Breeders Cup is a two day ;meet or event' and what can go wrong usually does. See: Life at Ten fiasco. This experiment as it is sometimes referred to will be run but not on my dime.
—Guest Dr Carter


It is not medicine it's a procedure. If other athletes (NFL, NBA, etc) do it, it's fine with me as long as horse is ok.
—Guest Susan

does anyone remember

I remember years ago they don't have Lasix and the horses ran just fine back then!!
—Guest crazyguest


I remember years ago they don't have Lasix and the horses ran just fine back then!!
—Guest crazy guest

ban it

It should be banned. Lasix is a medicine and should not be used for enhancing performance.
—Guest steve

It's about time!

If the rest of the world can race without Lasix why not us?

Undecided on this

While I would love to see cut backs in the use of Lasix, I am afraid this may lower the quality of the Breeders' Cup races by keeping away good horses who really need to use the drug.
—Guest Addicted

Share your thoughts...

What do you think about Lasix being banned from the Breeders' Cup by 2013

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