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Readers Respond: Who is your top Belmont Stakes pick?

Responses: 14


From the article: 2013 Belmont Entries
The Belmont Stakes has a maximum field of 16 horses and can either be tough to handicap or simple with a very obvious winner, although Big Brown proved in 2008 that obvious winners don't always win. Who do you think will win the Belmont Stakes this year and why? Tell us your choice!


just an opinion danny.arcaro also cilmaed kelso was the greatest.secretariat was a great horse thats for sure.we all have our own personal choices.i like john henry,dr fager,ruffian,buckpasser.love big red,actually saw him.what a sight!magnificent to look at.still,i rank man o war as the best.count fleet is very underrated.he had a triple crown run equally as great as secretariat.citation was 27 of 29 before injury.arcaro also rode him to that loss against saggy.i am a secretariat fan too!
—Guest zHLaiplk1lI

unlimited budget

will park behind field-closing 2 THE 1/8 POLE WINNING BY 11/2
—Guest nicki

And the winner is . . . .

Orb! He let me down in the Derby but he's coming back to make good in the Belmont. After all it's his last shot! Good Luck Orb!
—Guest Pammy

order of finish

frac daddy golden soul unlimited budget ya man ya man ya man ya man ya kan ya man ya man ya man ya man ya man ya man ya man
—Guest pops felcher


I liked his performance in the Bluegrass Stakes. But only if it is a fast dry track.
—Guest Kim

order of finish

palace malace to win will take charge to place giant finish for third
—Guest missouri skip


Golden soul is my choice. He was getting to Orb in the Kentucky derby, and his connections know he can go long.
—Guest thomas glover

Freedom Child

He has the right combination of speed and pedigree necessary to win the Belmont, and Saez is hot right now.

Belmont pick

Did I mention I picked him in the Florida Derby as well. Orb of course. I think he's pretty special and I'm so happy for Shug and Jen
—Guest Turkeybubba

Belmont pick

Orb is my pick.Class of the race. He will be ready to run this time; not like in the Preakness.
—Guest jerome

Belmont winner

He was my derby pick dismiss the Preakness he'll win the belmont
—Guest Turkeybubba

Who will win the Belmont Stakes 2013

My first response was Palice Malice, because I believe in Mike Smith, SOOO much. But a little time has gone by and today, I choose Revolutionary with Calvin,'even though Borell has never won the Belmont, but it's his turn to win one of the legs of the Triple Crown. Anybody with me?
—Guest Kathleen Belmonte

Who will win Belmont Stakes 2013

So many are able to win! My choice right now is Palice Malice.
—Guest Kathleen Belmonte


This horse has class. Excellent bloodline (Dixie Union, Unaccounted For). Can go the distance. Is overdue for a win. His running style can defeat every horse in the race!
—Guest Bill Pacelli

Tell us your choice!

Who is your top Belmont Stakes pick?

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