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Readers Respond: Who is your top Belmont Stakes pick?

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From the article: 2014 Belmont Entries
The Belmont Stakes has a maximum field of 16 horses and can either be tough to handicap or simple with a very obvious winner, although Big Brown proved in 2008 that obvious winners don't always win. Who do you think will win the Belmont Stakes this year and why?

california chrome.

This animal could carry our Mayor & win! citix-zenof Toronto.
—Guest abbe

Belmont famous for upsets

Anybody who's been betting horses for a long time knows that the horse than generally beats the winner of the 1st legs of the triple crown is one that has been racing regularly at Belmont and skipped both the Derby and Preakness.
—Guest edward c. stengel

belmont winner

I love medal count. - this horse has the best bloodlines to run the mile & 1/2 at the big sandy. fill out the trifecta with tonalist and wicked strong
—Guest missouri skip

I am in agreement to some of the comment

I like 4 horses -Crome, Curlin, W+Strong and Tonalist that's my pick to pool +play
—Guest Roy maharaj

Ride on ???????

Ride on Curlin well rested and tested.California Chrome and Commanding Curve completes my trifecta.
—Guest Big Time MIKE

Chrome Will Fail

Crome is a good horse but not a great horse. Definitely no Secretariat or Affirmed. Also, he has never raced at Belmont, and I think the first two races have taken too much out of him. My picks are Tonalist, Commanding Curve, and Metal Count.
—Guest kencor

Commanding Curve

He almost had it at the Derby he was gaining ground on California Chrome.

Jake The Snake

California Chrome will be done like dinner at the end of the Belmont. He'll be easy pickings for Commanding Curve. End of story.
—Guest Jim Kelly

May the best horse win!

That would be Cali. Chrome. With no Social Inc. involved my super/box--CC, CC, ROC, GaR.

2014 belmont stakes ;Philly fans

I think to make it easy for the average handicapper just simply consider California chrome as Moses Malone/ride on curlin as Julius Erving and bobby jones/wicked strong Charles Barkley in his rookie season / cc/ws/roc ticket window then the bank!!!
—Guest Robert E. lee

Sister Patricia Angelina

It seems to me California chrome,commanding curve and ride on curlin are receiving all the attention and are expected to win hands down. There are a couple of horses going unnoticed to possibly win the 3rd leg of the triple crown. Samraat and wicked strong,may the good lord be with me! Wicked strong runs with great determination to win the belmont.
—Guest New York State of mind


I like Kid Cruz, slow break in the preakness but had a winning time earlier in his career to match the preakness. exacta box chrome and cruz triple box chrome cruz and ride on curlin.
—Guest FOTIS

Belmont fav.

Love the Chrome! Hope h e has the power to make this long trip.He will be up against fresh horses.I pray for them all to have a safe trip.
—Guest D Whited

gitter done

California chrome will win the triple crown one horse he has to beat is curve to the finish line ......
—Guest lamar gatherum

Derby and Preakness trifecta winner

My longshot pick to win the belmont stakes or hit the trifecta is commissioner at 30-1/ California chrome/ ride on curlin/commissioner trifecta box
—Guest General lee

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