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Reader Reviews : Share your review of the Secretariat movie

User Rating 3.5 Star Rating (8 Reviews)


The new Secretariat movie starring Diane Lane and John Malkovich was released on October 8 at theaters nationwide by Walt Disney Studios. Once you get a chance to view it, please share your thoughts on the movie with us.

Secretariat Movie Review

Other reviews seemed to have missed the true “faith” message in the movie.I loved this because;This movie is about “faith given a chance”.Anyone facing obstacles or decisions …More

Movie Review: Secretariat

why did you not do this great horse the justice they did for Seabiscut?These movies are about the true heros.The race horses! not the people that need to be glamorized. they did run their hearts out …More

Movie Review: Secretariat

The movie was fine...don't go looking for violence, killing, or sex. As a Seattle based race fan I wrote Claiborne Farms prior to a KY trip and did a tour, complete with my picture taken with BIG RED…More

Review of Secretariat

True to Disney drama, but historically inaccurateOnly the groom and trainer knew of the abscess prior to the derbyOwner did not learn for years laterI am thinking the syndication happened after the t…More

It was a vary emotional movie

It was a vary emotional movie. Loved it. The story the horses and of course the races. I think everyone should see it. The characters are misfits but all together pulled off a historic triple crown. …More

I knew the Tweedy family

I thought it was a great movie, I knew the Tweedy family, living in the same town. And our families were friends. I also rode & worked at Boulder Brook stables, which was the 'sister farm' to Meadow …More

about what I expected

SECRETARIAT is about what I expected. Definitely not Oscar material but a nice movie.The film's big flaw is its depiction of the races. The most glaring example is the Preakness which we see on the T…More

Didn't like it

I would strongly discourage anyone from seeing this movie. It is more like a cross between Cinderella, Mr. Bojangles and Flicka starring the cast of the Brady Bunch. Maybe someday Secretariat will be…More

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