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Eight Belles Tribute


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Just past the finish line
Eight Belles just past the finish line in the 2008 Kentucky Derby

Eight Belles just past the finish line in the 2008 Kentucky Derby

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Shortly after the race, jockey Gabriel Saez said, "After we passed the wire I stood up. She started galloping funny and I tried to pull her up. But she went down." After it was found that she had broken both front ankels, veterinarian Dr. Larry Bramlage said, "That is an injury that is painful. There was no way to save her. It was a catastrophic injury. One of the outriders saw both ankles collapse as she was running out."

Trainer Larry Jones said, "She went out in glory. She went out a champion to us. She was our family. I saw my son yesterday and my daughter today, but I saw Eight Belles every day. She had been with us for a year. Losing animals like this isn't fun. We're heartbroken. We're going to miss her."

Owner Rick Porter said, "I'll remember her as a beautiful, mild-tempered, talented filly that gave her life giving it all to be second in the Kentucky Derby."

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