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2007 Belmont Stakes Results


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Rags to Riches walks down Victory Lane
Rags to Riches walks down Victory Lane

Rags to Riches walks down Victory Lane after the 2007 Belmont Stakes

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Winning trainer Todd Pletcher, celebrating his first Triple Crown win, said," I have such a high regard for Curlin. You know how good a horse is. The 1/16 pole, I thought, oh, man this will be an awfully tough beat right here. But you know it was watching the race, she wouldn't have given the warm, cozy feeling after stumbling out of the gate. You know, it's a real credit to how good this filly is. This is pretty special when you look at the historical perspective. Boy, if you look at the statistics all week, no fillies won it in 102 years. That's pretty intimidating stuff. The only thing we could really go by was first and foremost, how well the filly was doing; how well she was training; how good she was doing."

"I kept coming back to her pedigree. A.P. Indy, half sister to last Belmont winner. This race is a test of endurance. There was never a doubt in my mind she would get the 1 1/2 miles, whether or not as a filly she was good enough to do it against a quality horse like Curlin, Hard Spun, that was the million-dollar question. But thankfully, these gentlemen (owners Michael Tabor and Derrick Smith) were game to take a shot and, you know, it worked out well."

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