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2008 Belmont Stakes Results


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Beaten favorite Big Brown
Beaten favorite Big Brown

Beaten favorite Big Brown eases across the finish last in the 2008 Belmont Stakes

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Big Brown was eased in the stretch, officially not finishing the race. Veterinarian Dr. Larry Bramlage said, "If the quarter crack played any role, he would have shown some tenderness, although I guess it could be minor enough, he's a smart horse, might have decided it wasn't his day and he was not going to try. And you could say the same thing about the heat but I think we have to wait for his veterinary examination. The two minutes that he was on the track coming back, he looked fine, and there was not anything outwardly apparent."

Jockey Kent Desormeaux said, "He was keen to go on early. He broke so hard. I got him out early and just cantered down the backside. A couple of times, he thought it was time to go and jumped into the bridle a couple of times. But I had no horse, and when I realized something was wrong, I knew he wouldn't be fifth. He's the best horse I've ever been on, so I took care of him."

Trainer Richard Dutrow Jr. said, "It certainly seems that Kent did the right thing in pulling him up. When they turned for home, something wasn't right. I don't really know how I feel. We did really good with him. It was a very disappointing race, but the horse looks like he's fine. He didn't get the Triple Crown, but we got the Derby and the Preakness and that was great. Something has to not be right for him to pulled up, so I have to try to find out what it is. I'm sure it's not the horse's fault, so there's nothing to be down on him."

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