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2006 Preakness Results


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The Preakness Trophy Presentation
The Preakness Trophy Presentation

The Preakness Trophy Presentation

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The governor of Maryland, Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (right), watches as jockey Javier Castellano and trainer Tom Albertrani lift up the historic Woodlawn Vase, the most expensive trophy in sports. Winning trainer Tom Albertrani said, "I think he just came into his own. We just felt that he could probably compete at this level. This horse just blossomed and matured so much in the last couple of months that he was just beginning to get better and better." John Ferguson, bloodstock manager for winning owner Darley Stable said, "I think you have to say he's very versatile. Anything from a mile to possibly a mile and a half, would be within his compass. He's certainly as well bred as any horse in the U.S. and that obviously makes him very exciting for the future."

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