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2010 Preakness Undercard Results


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Blame in the winner's circle
Blame in the winner's circle

Blame in the winner's circle after the 2010 William Donald Schaefer Stakes (G2) at Pimlico

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Winning Al Stall said, "We knew he was ready to run, but that doesn't mean anything until you actually see it. We're happy to see him back in form. Garrett had to use him to get through that hole a little bit, but he got a lot out of it on a deepish racetrack. It looks like we're going to the Stephen Foster."

Jockey Garrett Gomez added, "The pace was OK going up the backside, but Johnny (Velazquez aboard Understatement) tried to slow it down and I was right on top of them. He was tracking well and we had to wait a little bit until things settled. He went between them and gave me a big finish."

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