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2009 Preakness Thursday Photos


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Mine That Bird
Mine That Bird gallops at Pimlico on Thursday morning

Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird gallops at Pimlico on Thursday morning

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Kentucky Derby winner Mine That BirdMine That Bird went out for his daily 2 mile gallop on Thursday before the break. Trainer Chip Woolley said, "The track looks super to me. It looks like it could be a little laboring, but overall, it looks good to me. It looks like a little moisture is just the ticket for it. The main thing about him is that he's so professional, goes out there and just does his work and comes back and rests, eats and comes back and does it again the next day. Right away you could see he was something special. I was really disappointed the way things worked at Sunland, but you could tell he was something special and had more than most to give you."
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