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2006 Kentucky Derby Day Results


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Barbaro's connections with the Kentucky Derby trophy
Barbaro's connections with the Derby trophy

Barbaro's connections with the Derby trophy

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Jockey Edgar Prado, owner Gretchen Jackson, trainer Michael Matz, and owner Roy Jackson hold up the Kentucky Derby Trophy. Co-owner and breeder Gretchen Jackson said, "I thought it was the best race I've ever seen." Trainer Michael Matz, winning his first Derby, said, "It's a great, great, great feeling." Asked about the 5-week layoff, he said, "Really no one made a big deal out of it except the media. No horseman I talked to did. He trained well since he came from Florida. We've never missed anything in his training. We never wavered from our plan. I told Edgar in the paddock, 'Let's win our first Kentucky Derby.' "
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