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2012 Kentucky Derby Results


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The Trophy Presentation
The Trophy Presentation

Jockey Mario Gutierrez, trainer Doug O'Neill (yellow hat), and owner Paul Reddam celebrate with the 2012 Kentucky Derby trophy.

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Winning trainer Doug O'Neill said, "I think he was such a prize because of me training it and Mario riding it. If it would have been a Pletcher or Velazquez, I bet you it would have been 9-2. How do you win the Santa Anita Derby and not be one of the top five choices? I know the Beyer numbers. He didn't put up crazy high Beyer numbers. When they win the way he did, we were super confident in this colt. When you tell people you're in the horse racing game, they ask you, Have you won the Kentucky Derby? Now I can say, Yes, I have, 2012. My brother Dennis, he's been there with me through the ups and downs, and there's been a lot of downs. So this is incredible, and I'm going to soak it up as long as I can."

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