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2012 Belmont Stakes Results


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Second place finisher Paynter
Second place finisher Paynter

Second place finisher Paynter in the returns after the 2012 Belmont Stakes

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Trainer Bob Baffert said, "I need a Triple Crown for seconds. I really thought he was going to win today. He was doing so well. I just feel bad for Mr. Zayat. The poor guy, he's been tortured on this Triple Crown. Turning for home, I knew we had the horse to do it and that horse snuck up on him there. He's still a young horse, still learning how to run."

Jockey Mike Smith added, "He ran tremendous. I'm such a perfectionist. (Union Rags) just shouldn't have gotten through on me. I'd like to see what the outcome would have been if he wouldn't have.

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