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2012 Belmont Stakes Results


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Union Rags in the post parade
Union Rags in the post parade

Union Rags in the post parade for the 2012 Belmont Stakes.

© Terence Dulay
Jockey John Velazquez said, "I just wanted to get in a good rhythm that he feel comfortable where he was. He did everything really well behind the horses. Coming down the stretch, tell you the truth, it was my intention to come in there, but when (Atigun) came over in the 1/4 pole and went out next to me. I said well, 'This my opportunity to get on the rail.' When he got close to Mike Smith, and I saw Mike put the whip left-handed, I said, well, this could be my chance. I rather stay here and wait for the hole to open and it just happened I got lucky."
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