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Triple Crown Recipes


Churchill Downs Twin Spires

Churchill Downs on Derby Day

Cindy Pierson Dulay

Planning a Derby party or just want to relive the big day? Here are recipes for the traditional drinks of the Triple Crown and other races plus things like Kentucky Derby Pie and Burgoo to supplement the beer, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Enjoy!


Mint Julep - Traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby
Black-Eyed Susan - Traditional drink of the Preakness
White Carnation - Traditional drink of the Belmont prior to 1998
Belmont Breeze - New "traditional" drink of the Belmont for 1998
Golden Beam - Traditional drink of the Jim Beam Stakes


Kentucky Chocolate Pecan Pie - perfect for a Derby party or anytime
Kentucky Bourbon Balls - great for parties or gifts
Kentucky Burgoo - can be made ahead of time and frozen
Maryland Crab Cakes - a Preakness day treat

More Recipe Links

Official Mint Julep- recipe from Churchill Downs
Kentucky Derby- a non-alcoholic mint julep
Kentucky Derby Turkey Hash- for a hearty breakfast before you leave for the track
Preakness Cocktail- not sure where this cocktail came from, perhaps a variation on the Black Eyed Susan?

Derby Party Links

Kentucky Derby Celebration- traditional Derby recipes for your party from the chef at the Beaumont Inn brought to you by Diana Rattray our guide to Southern American Cuisine.
And They're Off! - Planning a Derby Party- party planning tips and ideas brought to you by Donna Pilato our guide to Entertaining.
How to Throw a Derby Party- a complete guide from invitations to decorations to recipes
The Kentucky Derby Festival- a Derby Party for all of Louisville
Kentucky Derby Brunch- serve a gourmet brunch just like they serve at the Kentucky Governor's house, here are all the recipes
The Official Kentucky Derby Party Web Site- not really official, but a great place to visit and soak up some Derby Party atmosphere. Lots of photos.
A Tates of Kentucky- Derby Party treats from candies to chocolates to party decorations.
Party Kits and Equestrian Gifts- Party kits, official logo items, food, and cookbooks.
Derby Pie- order a real Derby-Pie® from Kern's Kitchen in Louisville.

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