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2006 Triple Crown Late Nominations


With a City winning the 2006 Lane's End

With a City, winner of the Lane's End Stakes, is one of 14 late nominations to the 2006 Triple Crown

© Cindy Pierson Dulay
Updated March 31, 2006

With the Kentucky Derby just over a month away, the final chance to nominate horses to the 2006 Triple Crown closed on March 25. Early nominations, which only cost $600, closed in January while the late nominations were $6000 each. Same as last year, 14 more colts were added to the list with Cause to Believe, winner of the California Derby, and With a City, winner of the Lane's End Stakes, topping the list of new faces.

If any additional horses not already nominated want to enter, they will have to be supplemented. Cost for this is $150,000 for the Kentucky Derby and $100,000 for the Preakness and Belmont. Even if a horse is supplemented, he is the lowest in priority for getting in the race with any early or late nominee getting preference over him. For the early and late nominees, graded stakes earnings determine their priority with the field limited to 20 starters for the Kentucky Derby with no also-eligibles allowed.

Cause to BelieveMaria's MonJerry HollendorferPeter Abruzzo & Peter Redekop
DevilofarushWild RushMichael Maker Equirace.com
Double GaloreGrand Slam Myung Kwan Cho
High BluesHigh YieldDavid Paulus Dixiana Stables
Kellers Church Rd.PioneeringMeares Briter Stable
MalameezeSaint BalladoBobby BarnettMark Stanley
Mister TriesterOld TriesteWarren Stute B.W. Hughes
Nob Hill DeeliteAfternoon DeelitesPatrick Mouton Bienstock & Winner Stable
Oh So AwesomeAwesome AgainJean Claude Rouget Team Valor
Sam's AceIn ExcessDoug O'Neill J. Paul Reddam & Aron Wellman
SayhellotolarryVictory GallopHarold Williams Frances Genter Williams
Showing UpStrategic MissionBarclay Tagg Lael Stable
With a CityCity ZipMichael Maker Equirace.com
Where's That TigerStorm CatDe Kock L.M. Nestadt & B. Kantor

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