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2011 Triple Crown Nominations

K through R


The Triple Crown Trophy

The Triple Crown Trophy

© Cindy Pierson Dulay

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Horse, Sex, Color, Sire - Dam

Kanagaro, C, B, Indian Charlie - Saratoga Cat
Kid You Not, G, CH, Lemon Drop Kid - Eliza's Time (IRE)
King Alpha, C, B, Tiznow - Flying Gal
King Congie, C, DK B/BR, Badge of Silver - Wise Ending
Lauburu, C, GR/RO, Unbridled's Song - Goulash
Le Mans, C, DK B/BR, War Front - Call Your Beau
Leave of Absence, C, B, Harlan's Holiday - Danseur Chaud
Lemansky, C, DK B/BR, Lemon Drop Kid - Pleasant Ghost
Lemon Ghost, C, CH, Lemon Drop Kid - Ghost Wrestling
Liondrive, C, DK B/BR, Lion Tamer - Outta the Park
Litigate, G, CH, Closing Argument - Deja Entendu
Lou Brissie, C, CH, Limehouse - Fearless Wildcat
Lumberyard Jack, G, B, Bellamy Road - Shellys Terms
Mach Twelve, C, DK B/BR, Rock Hard Ten - Smoke Chaser
Machen, C, CH, Distorted Humor - Ready's Gal
Mac's Surprise, C, DK B/BR, Stormy Atlantic - Record the Call
Maestro, C, B, John Walters - Lisa Last
Magnet Cove, C, B, Aptitude - Toni DeNitto
Majestic Harbor, C, B, Rockport Harbor - Champagne Royale
Major Art (GB), C, CH, Compton Place (GB) - Rosewood Belle
Major Duomo, C, DK B/BR, Bernardini - Karis Makaw
Major Gain, C, DK B/BR, More Than Ready - Dream Lady
Manhattan Man, G, CH, A.P. Indy - Especially
Manicero, C, DK B/BR, Mass Media - Ritzy Blitz
Manresa Road (IRE), C, B, Giant's Causeway - Best Mate
Mas Trueno, C, B, Afleet Alex - Cateress
Master Dunker, C, GR/RO, Imperialism - Finding Bucks
Master of Hounds, C, B, Kingmambo - Silk And Scarlet (GB)
Meadow Road, C, B, Dixie Union - Fordyce
Meistersinger, C, DK B/BR, Yes It's True - Uncontrollable
Messner, C, DK B/BR, Bernardini - Macoumba
Midnight Interlude, C, B, War Chant - Midnight Kiss (NZ)
Mister Pippit, C, CH, Tapit - Miss Pine Top Az.
Monroe's Music, C, DK B/BR, Candy Ride (ARG) - Donnaree
Mont Pelato, C, GR/RO, Forest Danger - Zada Rae
Monzon, G, DK B/BR, Thunder Gulch - Shadow of Mine
Moon On Fire, C, DK B/BR, Malibu Moon - Rich Legacy
Moonhanger, C, DK B/BR, Malibu Moon - Important Daisy (BRZ)
Moreno Star, C, B, Quiet American - Our Seattle Star
Mr Artistic M D, G, B, Mr. Greeley - Art Fair
Mr. Commons, C, B, Artie Schiller - Joustabout
Mucho Macho Man, C, B, Macho Uno - Ponche de Leona
My Dividend, C, DK B/BR, Bernardini - Class On Class
Mysticism, C, B, A. P. Warrior - Wild Catseye
Nacho Business, C, DK B/BR, Rahy - Palaestra
National, C, B, Awesome Again - Styler
Nehro, C, B, Mineshaft - The Administrator
New Hyde Park, F, DK B/BR, Expressionist - Sunrisa
Night Hunt, C, DK B/BR, Storm Cat - Moon Safari
Night Party, C, CH, Rahy - Revolutionary Act
Nolangrant'skitten, C, CH, Kitten's Joy - Single Goer
Northern Indy, C, DK B/BR, A.P. Indy - Polish Nana
Occelli, C, GR/RO, Bernardini - Grannies Feather
Old Guys Rule, C, GR/RO, Malibu Moon - Mystic Chant
Old Hickory, C, CH, Kela - Miss Monmouth
One Cool Dude (ARG), C, DK B/BR, Incurable Optimist - Stormy Secret (ARG)
Opening Move, C, B, Bernardini - Show Me the Roses
Ordained, C, B, Pulpit - People's Princess
Orsonian, C, CH, Officer - Miss Speed
Our Eli, G, B, Ten Most Wanted - Dangerous Beauty
Pants On Fire, C, DK B/BR, Jump Start - Cabo de Noche
Parent's Honor, C, B, Elusive Quality - Dami
Perfect Coconut, C, B, Pleasantly Perfect - Coconut Popsicle
Peter Martins, C, CH, Johannesburg - Pretty Meadow
Pleasant Run, C, B, Pleasant Tap - Dixie Bust
Point of Entry, C, B, Dynaformer - Matlacha Pass
Populist Politics, C, B, Don't Get Mad - Cedar Summer
Poseidon's Warrior, C, DK B/BR, Speightstown - Poised to Pounce
Positive Response, G, B, Pomeroy - Lisa's Approval
Post Ranch, C, B, Not For Love - Giant Redwood
Powhatan County, C, B, Fusaichi Pegasus - Franscat
Praetereo, C, GR/RO, Giant's Causeway - Deb's Charm
Praise the Bird, C, CH, Pulpit - Bird Cage
Preachintothedevil, C, B, Pulpit - Acey Deucey
Premier Pegasus, C, DK B/BR, Fusaichi Pegasus - Squall Linda
Pride of Silver, G, DK B/BR, Badge of Silver - Ruggles
Prime Cut, C, B, Bernstein - Life Happened
Prime Objective, C, B, Aragorn (IRE) - Primedex
Printing Press, C, GR/RO, Feature Mr Jess - First Fervor
Private Prize, C, B, Pure Prize - Private Funds
Purely Awesome, C, GR/RO, Awesome Again - Pure Wool
Quail Hill, C, B, Candy Ride (ARG) - Midwife
Queen'splatekitten, C, DK B/BR, Kitten's Joy - Iteration
Quiet Assault, C, B, Quiet American - Quality Gift (GB)
Quiet Pride, C, B, Quiet American - Aerobatics
Racing Aptitude, C, B, Aptitude - Ecclesiastes
Raison d'Etat, C, B, A.P. Indy - Sightseek
Rattlesnake Bridge, C, GR/RO, Tapit - Prall Street
Razmataz, C, B, Redback (GB) - Russian Waltz (IRE)
Read the Contract, C, GR/RO, Read the Footnotes - Devin's Abbey
Red Ace, C, CH, Northern Afleet - Swiss Courts Cheat
Red Maserati, C, CH, Songandaprayer - Miss Mary Pat
Redwood Falls, C, B, Indian Charlie - Bay Barrister
Rescind the Trade, C, CH, Put It Back - Abuela Esther (URU)
Ribo Bobo, G, B, Louis Quatorze - Private Prom Party
Riveting Reason, C, DK B/BR, Fusaichi Pegasus - Love and Marry
Robie the Cat, C, CH, Distorted Humor - Kelli Cat
Rock So Hard, C, DK B/BR, Rock Hard Ten - So Cheerful
Rocking Out, C, B, Include - Elusive Sugar
Rogue Romance, C, CH, Smarty Jones - Lovington
Roman Classic, C, B, Roman Ruler - Mandy's Classic
Ronin Dax, C, GR/RO, Tapit - Fastandclever
Rothko, C, B, Arch - Raspberry Eggcream
Runflatout, C, DK B/BR, Flatter - Slammin' Lil
Rustler Hustler, C, CH, Ecton Park - Cozzy Temper

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