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Services and Transportation

Services (massage, accupunture, etc.) and horse transportation/shipping

Animal Rehabilitation
Equine Rehab by Lic. Physical Therapist and Independent Contractor. Excellent prevention & maintenance programs for your equine investments.

Anvil Online
The horsemen's advisor and voice of the farrier and blacksmith

Electronic ID Inc.
Permanent branding by microchip implantation.

Equine Express
Horse vanning for local or coast-to-coast shipping

Equine Shiatsu
Discusses shiatsu and Ki energy. Very effective on horses. Picture examples. Ki energy flows along the meridians of the horses body and nourishes various muscles and joints located along the energy pathways.

Glenbrook Farm
Equine transportation and boarding located in Suwannee County, Florida.

Horse Hauling Locator Service
Provides the horse owner and the horse hauler a place to locate each other.

Judge Manning Horse Transportation
Shipping in the Eastern US and Canada

Topely Thoroughbred Services
Stake Closing Report(c) subscriptions service with customized stakes calendar with nomination dates for selected black-type stake events throughout all of North America.

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