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2008 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Races Workouts


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Apache Cat
Apache Cat

Apache Cat

© Vanessa Ng
December 8, 2008

While most of the 35 visiting Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International contenders ventured on to the Sha Tin track this morning, it was really only the Australian challengers Douro Valley (CXHK Vase) and Apache Cat (CXHK Sprint) who put in any serious work on the turf and all weather tracks respectively.

Apache Cat strode a strong 800 metres in 50.5 seconds on the all-weather, zipping home the last 400 metres in 22.5, which pleased his trainer Greg Eurell. "He had a good gallop which is what we wanted. He's settled in so well here I think he was looking forward to a bit of decent work," Eurell said.

Eurell reported that the striking six-year-old was 530 kg on landing last week but had put on condition in the past few days. "He's 540 kilos (kilograms) now and that's around his optimum racing weight. It's a good indicator with him. He was 538 kilos when he last raced in Western Australia. He's eating and drinking as you'd hope and I would say he has settled in very, very well."

Apache Cat is one of the more striking looking horses you will see, with half his face white.

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