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2008 Dubai World Cup Workouts


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Great Hunter
Great Hunter

Great Hunter

© Vanessa Ng
March 26, 2008

Thick smoke shrouded the Dubai skyline on Wednesday morning as a fire at a fireworks factory in nearby Al Quoz raged for 5 hours. More World Cup day entrants were out on the track, with the post positions drawn later in the day.

Great Hunter, J. Paul Reddam's entrant in the World Cup, was out on the main track for some light work for trainer Doug O'Neill. He drew post 5 for the main event. Assistant trainer Leandro Mora said, "It's fine. I know there’s going to be speed, and you don’t want to be too far back. This track favors the first three or four horses most of the time. Hopefully we’ll be hanging in there somewhere."

Dubai World Cup entries and post positions
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