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2009 Dubai World Cup Tuesday Workouts


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Black Seventeen
Black Seventeen

Black Seventeen during the Tuesday morning works in Dubai

© Vanessa Ng
Black Seventeen is headed to the Golden Shaheen and was scheduled to work today but instead he jogged the wrong around the main dirt track. Trainer Brian Koriner said Black Seventeen is exhibiting signs of lethargy, a likely result of the trip from California last week. "He's kind of flat and rather than knock him out today by working him, we are hoping that he will snap-to in the next day," Koriner said. "I'm a little bit concerned."

Koriner, who arrived in Dubai Monday evening, said Colleen Hartford, Black Seventeen's exercise rider, told him the horse was perky the last couple of days. Koriner said, "But this morning, I saw him in the barn, and just decided to leave the work alone."

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