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Collecting and Memorabilia

Collecting Derby Glasses
Tips on collecting and the history of Derby glasses.

Horse Racing Memorabilia
Basic info on collecting all types of horse racing memorabilia.

Cindy's Horse Racing Memorabilia Museum
My online museum of horse racing memorabilia. Lots of photos of glasses, pins, games, postcards, decanters, plates, etc. for your viewing pleasure.

Bobble Mania!
Bobble head dolls have taken the racing collectors by storm. See photos and get all the info here on bobbleheads from Jerry Bailey to Secretariat.

Cindy's Racing Postcard Pages
My Race Track Postcard Tour pages with about 100 postcards of race tracks from 1900 to the 1950's.

1974 Kentucky Derby Glasses
Photos and info to help you tell the 6 variations of the 1974 glass apart

The Derby Glass Page
Horse racing collectibles dealer in Kentucky with an emphasis on glassware.

Online auctions of horse racing memorabilia. An excellent source for lots of interesting items.

Equestrian bronzes and collectibles
Antique and collectible dealer in Maryland who sells reproduction bronzes and horse racing collectibles.

A price and identification guide to horse racing collectibles. A must see if you are a collector.

Exclusively Equine
The Blood Horse's online outlet for the many different products including collectibles.

Geo. C. Richards & Co.
Kentucky Derby jewelry, julep cups, and giftware. Attractive page.

Impressions of Saratoga
Officially licensed collectibles for Saratoga and the Triple Crown races.

Kentucky Derby Board Games
From Erik Arneson our About.com guide to board games, info about some of the fun Derby games of the past.

Man O'War
Historical info about the famous horse and collectibles featuring him.

Party Kits & Equestrian Gifts
Lots of neat stuff including Kentucky Derby souvenirs and collectibles.

Remember When Derby Glasses Were Easy To Keep Track Of?
An article from Collector Glass News by myself and fellow collector Tom Sporney (who is also the Home Repair guide here at About.com)

Thoroughbred Horse Enamel Pins
Collectible enamel pins of famous horses of the 1800's.

Thoroughbred Racing Memorabilia Auction
This auction is held 3-4 times a year and features many hard to find items. Just looking through the catalog gives you new ideas of items to look for.

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