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2007 Melbourne Cup


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Efficient in the winner's circle
Efficient in the winner's circle after the 2007 Melbourne Cup.

Efficient in the winner's circle after the 2007 Melbourne Cup.

© Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Winning owner Lloyd Williams was not in attendance for his third Cup win. Interviewed by phone at home he said, "Age has caught up with me - I'm just happy to win. (We're) absolutely delighted here, we've got a great team out there who put this together. I don't know how I'd handle it out there, but I just congratulate all my team - we've got 70 odd people that work in our stable and they've just done a remarkable job. Michael rode this horse absolutely to plan. We wanted him to get him to the outside as we realised that he only travels when he is going round horses and, when he leaned out, Michael did a wonderful job. I was really thrilled for Michael. The Derby and then the Melbourne Cup I think, so he's done a great job."

His previous Cup wins were with Just A Dash in 1981 and What A Nuisance in 1985.

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