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2005 Eclipse Award Photos


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Afleet Alex Connections
Afleet Alex Connections

Afleet Alex Connections

Tina Hines
Preakness and Belmont winner Afleet Alex was named 2005 Champion 3-Year-Old Male. He aso won the Arkansas Derby and was third in the Kentucky Derby. Ownership group Cash is King Stable's managing partner Chuck Zacney said, "What a whirlwind for us. Five friends get together and start a partnership in 2004. We bought a horse and he starts winning - and winning. Through everything, it's been because of one person - (trainer) Tim Ritchey. He knew what made Alex tick more than anyone else."

Cash is King Stable was also given the Special Eclipse Award for their charity work. The group pledged a portion of Afleet Alex's earnings towards Alex's Lemonade Stand for pediatric cancer research, raising the charity $3.5 million for the year.

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