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2009 Cigar Mile and Gazelle Stakes


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Second place finisher Bribon
Second place finisher and beaten favorite Bribon returns after the 2009 Cigar Mile

Second place finisher and beaten favorite Bribon heads out for the post parade for the 2009 Cigar Mile

© Vanessa Ng
Jockey Rajiv Maragh said, "I had what I thought was a great trip. I was in a good spot the whole way. The race unfolded like I was hoping it would. The two front runners got into a little bit of a duel and I fell right into the garden spot. He ran hard all the way to the wire, and it's unfortunate he didn't win. He ran too good to lose, but there can only be one winner."

Trainer Robert Ribaudo added, "He ran great. We were a little concerned because the track seemed to be putting up some slow times, but the track didn't seem to bother him. I certainly won't run him early in Gulfstream. It depends how he comes back. But we need him around for next year."

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