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2009 Discovery Handicap


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Haynesfield returns after the race
Haynesfield returns after the race

Haynesfield returns after the 2009 Discovery Handicap at Aqueduct

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Jockey Ramon Dominguez said, "We weren't in a real hurry. We said if (Redding Colliery) or (Birdrun) wanted to go, we would let them go. Since my horse broke so good, I was going to let him go to the lead, but (Redding Colliery) went on and I decided to just sit off him. He was very relaxed. When it was time to pick it up, he was there for me. It doesn't make any difference (being on the pace or off). It took him a race to get ready off the layoff; he ran 6 1/2 furlongs (in the Sir Keys) and that's really not his best distance. Once he's on his game he can be in front, or, when the pace is right, he can sit just off. He's very versatile."
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