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2008 Jockey Club Gold Cup


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Curlin in winner's circle
Curlin in the winner's circle after the 2008 Jockey Club Gold Cup

Curlin in the winner's circle after the 2008 Jockey Club Gold Cup

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Co-owner Barbara Banke said, "We'll see. He just won this race. We'll see how he comes out of this race. What's good for him is really the No. 1 factor. Is he healthy? Happy? Does he look fit? We'll wait for our wonderful team to discuss everything, and the course at Santa Anita is also a factor."

Jess Jackson added, "As to going out to Santa Anita (for the Breeders' Cup Classic), we'll probably load him up, but first we'll have to get him adjusted. But it is up to him whether he likes the track and the surface. So, those are concerns we still have. But we'll consider it now that we're past this hurdle. That's the next prospect for us and we'll give it every bit of attention. Let's put it this way: we haven't avoided (Big Brown). I don't fault (IEAH Stable) for the way they've handled Big Brown. But if he is truly going to the big race, we'll have to see whether Curlin likes the track. We're not trying to avoid him and there is always the Clark after that or the Japan Cup (Dirt). So, we have to take them one at a time. I don't want to risk a horse of Curlin's stature that we need in the gene pool. So, I am being very cautious and doing my due diligence first."

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